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Thanks for the reminder. “Old dog, new tricks”, Brendan Dawes. CA July 2014 #design #inspiration

"The return of the polymath", Laura Jordan -Bambach. ComputerArts July 2014 #design #designmatters #computerarts

While we passed through the narrow streets into alley ways, and from bazaars into crowded markets, he made himself as inconspicuous as possible, the entire time shooting pictures. He carried no shoulder-bags so that he could move very freely in the crowded areas. He never wore his camera around his neck like most photographers do. Instead, if he was not taking pictures even for a short period of time, he covered his little Leica with a handkerchief and kept walking and looking for interesting situations to photograph. Once he noticed something he liked, he disappeared so fast I had to look for him. Just when I locked on to him, he was gone again. He walked so fast that by the time someone knew that they had been photographed, he was gone.

Ishu Patel / http://www.ishupatel.com/bresson.html

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There is a strange machismo that pervades medicine. Doctors, especially fledgling doctors like me, feel pressure to project intellectual, emotional and physical prowess beyond what we truly possess. In his famous essay “Aequanimitas,” Sir William Osler, who founded the first American residency program at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1889, stressed the importance of equanimity in a physician.

While steadiness in tense situations is an important quality for doctors to have, I believe that the imperturbability that Osler extolled has been misinterpreted to a dangerous degree. We masquerade as strong and untroubled professionals even in our darkest and most self-doubting moments. How, then, are we supposed to identify colleagues in trouble — or admit that we may need help ourselves?

Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide? http://nyti.ms/1puFArP

I see you again. 2.9.14 #hdb #singapore #kowcher #GH3 #m43 #vscocam #vsco #vsco_hub

The best escalator to opportunity may be education, but that escalator is broken for black boys growing up in neighborhoods with broken schools. We fail those boys before they fail us.

So a starting point is for those of us in white America to wipe away any self-satisfaction about racial progress. Yes, the progress is real, but so are the challenges. The gaps demand a wrenching, soul-searching excavation of our national soul, and the first step is to acknowledge that the central race challenge in America today is not the suffering of whites.

After Ferguson, Race Deserves More Attention, Not Less http://nyti.ms/1pV0nKt

In the early days of my research I knew nothing of academic life. I didn’t realize that many research projects are run like pyramid schemes, with rigid status hierarchies, ruthless competition, the exploitation of students and objectification of women. I realized too late the extent of the strings attached to the funding my professor had promised. My education was compromised for no reason other than my femaleness.

From the Field: “Hazed” Tells Her Story of Harassment By Kate Clancy (Scientific American / Blogs)

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